Accounting & Financial Analysis Council

Apply to the Gerson Lehrman Group Accounting & Financial Analysis CouncilsSM

The GLG Accounting & Financial Analysis (AFA) Councils facilitate educational exchanges between the world's leading business and investment decision-makers and our network of over 10,000 accounting, finance, and tax professionals across all industries, geographies, and specializations. Based on your professional background, we invite you to apply to the AFA Councils for the opportunity to participate in these educational exchanges with our clients.

Professionals in the Gerson Lehrman Group AFA Councils

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Former Partners from
    Top Accounting Firms
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Accounting Professionals
    with SEC Experience
  • M&A Experts
  • Top Accounting, Finance
    and Tax Professors

The online application is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Membership Benefits

Earn Consulting Fees - Council Members are paid an honorarium, at a rate they set, for all consultations. Payments are made promptly.

Educate Business and Investment Leaders - Members of the GLG CouncilsSM help educate leading business and investment leaders improve decision-making and accelerate business. Council Members consult through a variety of consulting products, including, telephone consultations, online surveys and in-person meetings.

Convenience - There is no obligation to participate. Participation is optional and at the discretion of the Council Member. Council Members may accept or decline any invitation to consult based on their availability or ability to consult on a particular topic.

High-Level Networking - Council Members can engage in educational and dynamic exchanges with influential global business and investment leaders. These exchanges provide Council Members with networking opportunities and valuable perspectives on their industry.

Privacy and Integrity - You should only join the AFA Councils if you are able to participate. Council Members should not participate in the AFA Councils or any consultation if doing so would result in the release or discussion of confidential information. Council Members are not asked, and should not, comment on their company or employer; rather, they are invited to discuss general industry trends or specific products and services within their area of expertise. Council Members are never obligated to consult and should only accept consultations on topics they are comfortable with and permitted to discuss. Personal Council Member information is kept confidential and never sold to a third party.

We also encourage you, if you are employed and unsure about your company’s policies on outside business or consulting activities, to forward this email to your manager or other appropriate individual at your company. We have created the GLG Institutional Registry where organizations can set preferences and guidelines for their employees’ and consultants’ participation in outside consulting projects with leading financial services, consultancies, law firms, corporations and non-profit institutions.

For questions regarding the AFA Councils and Council Membership, please contact:

Don Maranca, CPA

Or visit or