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Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) helps leading companies and investment firms learn more about current business issues by arranging interactions with members of the GLG Councils, a network of academics, scientists, industry practitioners, and other professionals worldwide. Client interactions with GLG Council Members include telephone consultations, in-person meetings, reports, and educational presentations.

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Council Member Benefits

  • Earn consulting fees.
  • Become eligible to consult with business and investment leaders worldwide, on important industry topics.
  • Networking with other experts in the GLG Councils.

Additional Benefits of GLG Council Member Programs

  • status and recognition in the GLG Councils.
  • additional eligibility for GLG consulting opportunities.
  • a larger business network.

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Featured Experts

  • Andrew Lipman
  • Mark Berman
  • Andy Donchin

GLG Councils Brochure

The GLG Councils brochure describes Council membership in further detail. You may also view the brochure in other languages below.

GLG Councils Brochure
English, 84KB Adobe PDF

GLG Council Member Blueprint

The GLG Council Member Blueprint provides Council Members with practical steps to maximize the benefits of their GLG relationship

GLG Council Member Blueprint
English, 704KB Adobe PDF